They say if it doesn’t happen now, it never will!    Help us restore a clean Black Lake for generations to come.

Please take action and send emails showing your support for this.  We need as many people as possible supporting this.

Please send SEPARATE emails (they can be identical) to the two following email addresses stating your name and that you support the land swap so the land can return to wetland.  2-3 sentences is fine. We really appreciate your support.  The deadline for the emails is March 28th.

Thank you for taking action!

Tell the Idaho Fish & Game you support the Black Lake Ranch Land Swap!

Some great reasons to support the swap:

  • This Swap is a once in a generation opportunity to restore historical wetlands to their natural state
  • This is a great deal for the average Idahoan.

  • This will improve the Coeur d’Alene waterways for recreation, hunting and fishing

  • We must stop these pumps from pumping farm sewage and heavy metals/contaminants directly into Black Lake and indirectly Cd’A River and Cd’A Lake

  • We want our kids to be able to play in the lake without worrying for their health
  • Return ranch to wetlands – providing a low lead environment for breading swans, migratory birds and water fowl (swans are dying and migratory birds and water fowl are sickened from lead poisoning currently due to lack of breading wetlands that are low in heavy metals)

  • Eliminate the blue green algae outbreaks occurring regularly in Black Lake

  • Reduce phosphorus and heavy metal levels in Black Lake, Cd’A River, Cd’A Lake

  • Improve fish habitat (and fishing in the lake) – no more toxic cancerous dying fish!

  • Improve recreational use of Black lake (which has been virtually made a farm sewer from the pumping), Cd’A Lake, and Cd’A River

  • Improve the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes and tourism by returning a significant portion of the trail to a more natural state of beauty with wetlands/bird watching/etc

  • Protect and restore 5 miles of Coeur d’Alene river waterfront is invaluable

  • Its a no brainer to trade 5 miles of waterfront for remote land set for disposal

  • Improve access to Black Lake for recreation

  • Improve duck hunting

  • Better to trade the land now since its not being managed well – what if forested land goes up in flames next summer and diminishes its value drastically for both logging and recreation